Ron Sakamoto Entry: Kageura versus Jubei, circa 1872 pt. 2 

It appears that the vampire, Kageura, kidnapped Harker's wife, Mina.  Van Helsing, with a group of people, including Jubei, confronted Kageura inside the castle, which I gather is kind of around where Dodger Stadium now stands.

A compilation of Van Helsing's writings to come up with the battle:

"The two men stared at each other.  This wasn't a duel between man and monster, it was between two master swordsmen.  They respected each other.  In this moment, Kageura's humanity came out.  He stated that he is the one who is cursed, not Jubei.  Jubei only wore a kimono, but Kageura was in full armor. Kagura took off his armor to make the fight fair."

"Yagyu Jubei Mitsuyoshi," proclaimed Jubei.

"Kageura Hidetora," replied back Kageura.

Ron Sakamoto Entry: Kageura versus Jubei pt. 1 

It took all day, and although the full story of the battle with the Japanese vampire is not in one place, I think I've pieced together a fairly comprehensive story.

An attorney named Jonathan Harker had gone to Japan to finalize a real estate deal with a Japanese warlord.  Van Helsing mentored one of the early pioneers of mental health by the name of John Seward.  Seward and Harker were mutual friends of a woman named Lucy Westerna.  Lucy had been taken ill. Van Helsing concluded that it was the work of a vampire.

A mysterious Japanese samurai immigrant from Japan appeared.  Van Helsing wrote, "a stake through the heart won't kill these type of vampires, rather, the stomach must be slit, and then the body beheaded."  I couldn't find any other references to "these types of vampires," but I assume that there are differen types and different ways of destruction - not just the one few same way they show in movies.

Look at me, thinking vampires are real. What's scary is that after reading these things, and witnessing what I did at that party, I am starting to believe the existence of these creatures.

Van Helsing also described the Japanese samurai. Said his name was Jubei Yagyu. Hey, wait, wasn't that the famous samurai who disappeared back in the early-mid 1600's? (In real life, Jubei died in his  in his own village when he was 43 years old).   He described this samurai being tall, thin, with a forlorn lockof hair.  Why does this description sound so familiar?

Ron Sakamoto Entry: No, it couldn't be 

Van Helsing's description of  Jubei fits that Japanese guy I keep running into.  But that is impossible. It would have been impossible in Van Helsing's time. Jubei was born in 1607. He would have been over 250 years old in Van Helsing's time, and he'd be over 400 years old, now. 

But vampires live forever.  What if Jubei was a vampire, also?

Jubei and the vampire fought. What if it was a battle between two vampires?  Or maybe Jubei is a vampire hunter.

This is just too much.  

I cam across Van Helsing's account of the sword fight - but I'd like to put together other writings that put that fight into context.

Ron Sakamoto entry: Asking Ma About Great Grandpa 

My mother is the keeper of  great grandpa Van Helsing's personal writings.  I found out he is actually my great-great grandfather, and he was much much older than his wife, like about 30 or 40 years.

I asked her about what she knew regarding his chronicles about fighting a vampire in the 1870's.

She said the exact records of that one is lost, but it is referenced in some of his other writings. I asked if I could see them, or better yet, if any photos of him existed.  She said yes.

There was one photo, a portrait photo of a couple - they were my great great grand parents.  He looked like a scholar, hardly one who looked like one who would hand-fight a vampire and win, or even be competitive - but looks can be decieving. 

Now that I can kind of picture him, meanwhile Mom was bringing me tons of papers written by him.  I could begin my research. There was a lot of material to go through.

Maria Ramos Entry: Bit by a Dog 

I was bit by a dog. It seemed friendly enough.  But I guess it was scared. I reached over to check to see if it had any identification attached, and it bit me and ran away.

I've read about those rare instances where innocent dog bites lead to blood infections, which lead to amputations, and the bite did break my skin, so I put on some antiseptic, bandaged it and went to urgent care. 

When the doctor removed my bandage, the wound, small as it was, had healed completely. There was no sign of a dog bite.  But it had been less than an hour.

Strangely enough, since the dog bite, I hear voices, specifically, a voice, as if it is calling me.  It is a commanding, yet alluring voice.  It just calls.