Dracula on NBC starts Next Friday, October 25 

A new re-telling of Dracula starts on NBC next Friday, October 25.  Dracula is an American living in London.

Here is the link to NBC's website preview page.


Any mention of Dracula, and I need to do some shameless self-promotion, which is to promote the prequel to this blog, the novella, Sword of the Undead, which is also a re-telling of Drcaula, except the vampire is a Japanese samurai lord who moves to Los Angeles in 1872.

Sword of the Undead at Amazon (Kindle version), but also available in paperback.

Ron Sakamoto has a sex change 

I found an old attempt of this sequel, where the detective's name is Sandra Sakamoto.  I think I'll keep her.  Then maybe add the history of her being a descendent of Abraham Van Helsing.  I was going to add Kaze no Katsumi (the character from my zombie short story), as well - and I still might, but discovering this 17 page effort - probably written before I got sick last year and forgot about it - has given me some things to think about in how the story progresses.

A New Course 

I guess it's because he's a new character, but I like the character Kaze no Katsumi, I created for the short story, Zombie Brawl.  Ever since I started thinking about the sequel, which was when I was still writing the first book, I wanted to add another "supernatural' character in there - I thought, who in Japanese hirtory, could I use - I was thinking about Abe no Seimei, who was an astrolger and Imperial Court counselor back in the pre-shogun Heian Period. 

Other aspects I'm thinking about adding to the story are perhaps a treasure that came over from China to North America when the Chinese conducted their around the world expedition in 1421, or even incorporating something about the Yamato " clan, which is the clan which "unified" Japan back in the B.C. days.

I wrote the first story with Kaze no Katsumi in first person, so I wonder if I should do this story in his voice, though the major combatants will still be Yagyu Jubei and the vampire, Kageura.

OT - Zombies 

I just completed a draft of my zombie short story, so I will be concentrating on that for a few days.  Unfortunately, the Kageura story is the casualty since it is the story i am experiencing a block on. 

At this point, I might go back and piece together the events that took place inthis blog and organize them into text form for the second scene in the eventual novel.

This is a work in progress.

I will post here when the zombie short story is available for sale.  I am planning on it to be 0.99 on Amazon Kindle only since it is a short story of about 13 pages.
Sword of the Undead

In 1872, Jonathan Harker travels to Japan to inform Lord Hidetora Kageura that the castle he had commissioned to be built has been completed.  Leaving Harker left for dead, Kageura immigrates to the United States.  Harker's friend, Lucy, dies from a mysterious ailment.  Dr. Abraham Van Helsing determines Lucy died from a vampire's bite.  Harker returns to the United States, but now, Harker's wife, Mina, is the vampire's target.  In a dramatic re-telling of the novel, Dracula, Sword of the Undead introduces a new vampire, a Japanese samurai lord, and a new vampire slayer, legendary real life swordsman, Yagyu Jubei.

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