It's been over five years since I injured my spinal cord due to injury.  During this time, I've thought differently about my recovery. I can categorize these thoughts into three stages.  The first phase was hoping for a spontaneous recovery…

Infection gone, improvement in legs

Update to my last post.  My infection seems to be gone, and I am feeling much more normal. My legs are a lot stronger, but not quite pre-infection strength.

Both my thoughts about my legs appear to have come true…

Muscle Spasms

It's appropriate I write this during sci awareness month. It started on July 23, when I developed a 103 fever, nausea, lack of appetite, extreme fatigue, and inability to pee. Turned out to be a urinary tract infection. My appetite…

Guest Posted for Invacare's SCI blog, Roll Revolution

One of the necessary evils of being a writer is to engage in "shameless self-promotion." But, as someone who survived a spinal cord injury (SCI), and experienced a significant recovery, I've always been forward to sharing my story(ies).

Recently, Invacare…

Pennant Race Prediction - Dodgers Trade Puig?

The Dodgers called up another outfielder from the minors.  But the Dodgers have plenty of outfielders already, albeit, injured.  But still, they have plenty of players who can fill in until those players (namely Joc Pederson) come back.

Although there…

Mr. Heavyfeet

Although I walk around pretty normally these days, it feels different. How different?  Being a big fan of the "old" comedy troupe, Kids in the Hall, here is a clip of how my legs feel on a normal day.


Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Better than You think

I wanted to post this prediction before the first game of the regular season especially since I seem to be going against the grain.

For years, since I was a child in the Ryan/Tanana days, I have predicted the Angels…

Rubio/Cruz ticket for GOP in 2016?

This is copied and pasted from the blog I maintain on my author website.  I normally blog from here and then export to other sites, but when I blog from my author site, it doesn't  export to here, so...


A Rubio/Cruz ticket for GOP 2016?

Last weekend, I made several predictions about how the 2016 presidential campaign will play out.  I was waaaay wrong about Jeb Bush, which was my out of the world prediction - that he would be the GOP nominee.  But I…