A difference a year makes

For the last 3 months, and for the next 3 months, on any day, I can look back and see the difference in my health.  Actually, I could do the same for the next 12 months, but the greatest improvement would have taken place between June 2013, when I was first afflicted with spinal cord injury, and June 2013, when I became fairly comfortable walking with a cane.

Today is September 5, and a year ago, I could stand up for a few seconds in a pool, and today, I can walk a mile, slowly, but surely.

A year ago, I could not evacuate stoll on my own, today, my bowel movements are about 85% normal.

A year ago, I could not urinate naturally, and today, I have the opposite problem, but not nearly as bad.  During waking hours, I'm in control about 80% of the time - I make adjustments to get it that high.  It's at night, that I continue to have issues - but different issues than from a year ago.

I am writing a book on my recovery, and it will probably be a short book - and I hope to have it out by Halloween, of all days, but certainly by Thanksgiving.

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