Finding Inspiration: Motivational Speakers, esp. Tony Robbins

I've been listening to motivational speakers since high school.  Before Tony Robbins came on the scene, I think they were called self-help authors/speakers.

I had read books by others, such as Dennis Waitley, but the book that put everything together was Unlimited Power by Antrhony Robbins.  I had seen Robbins on tv, and liked what he was saying, but I couldn't afford to attend his seminars.  One day, I picked up this book, and all the stuff that I had been reading the last few years all came together.  I found out that one of the first authors re: self improvement was Jose Silva.  Silva's book, The Silva Mind Control Method, happened to be the book that got me interested in the art of visualization.

Anyway, it doesn't matter who you listen to, and there are many, but motivational speakers, do just that - they motivate you.

When I was recovering, I started listeing to some old Anthony Robbins CDs. Granted, I didn't do the exercises - although I had done them years ago, and it wouldn't have hurt to do them again - but listening to these motivational talks inspired me, and I believed they helped me get better, faster.

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