Martin Pistorius - Ghost Boy

This is an incredible story, and one I wish to never experience.  Locked eye syndrome is awlful.  It is mostly associated with people who are in the later stages of ALS, but can really happen to anybody.

When he was 12 years old, Martin Pistorius suffered a mysterious ailment - to this day, it is unknown, but doctors believe it was some form of meningitis.  Anyway, he suffered from locked in syndrome, which the person is aware, but cannot move anything other than his/her eyes.

The first two years, he had failed every awareness test possible, and then  when he started getting his awareness back, they stopped testing him, and for 10 years, he lived aware, but no one around him knew he was aware.  Until a new caretaker noticed something and urged to have him retested.

He has written a book about this experience. It is an international bestseller.  Below is a link to his story, and a trailer to his book.

Ghost Boy article and book trailer

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