Recording Your Recovery Pt 3

A third way to journal your recovery, video taping, is another vehicle I did not utilize.  I did take a video with my cellphone when my legs first started to move, but I couldn't send it to my email address, and then when the phone broke, the cellphone store clerk couldn't transfer any of the data held within the phone - so whatever video I took with the cellphone is lost.

A own a flipcam, but never thought about asking my parents to bring it to the hospital.  I did take a couple of videos when I first was able to lift my legs from a lying position, but it is not as impressive as live.  I might post these on Youtube someday.  I also took a video of a muscle spasm, but the video didn't accurately reflect the intesity and I enede up deleted all the attempts I made to capture this.

So, except for the video of me lifting my legs from a lying position, there are no videos of me until I reach "well-enough" recovery.

In hindsight, I wish someone had videotaped me when I was learning how to transfer to a wheelchair, trasferring from a wheelchair to a mat, trying to roll over, trasferring from wheelchair to carseat,  trying to walk with a walker, learning how to navigate a wheelchair, taking my first baby steps without support, standing up for the first time and walking (inside a pool), me eating dinner while in a wheelchair, etc.

As far as the actual taping, I should have had the same action I wanted to record several different times from several different angles.

Of course, this would have helped with my recall and also remind me of what I went through at what stage, but also, I think I could have posted these onto Youtube as a chronology to provide at least one baseline for anybody who is going through what I went through.

Pt 4: Summary of why I think journaling is important.

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