Started a new blog

I started a new blog on blogger.  It's a blog I that I'm hoping to use as a vehicle to share with others about what what's on my mind, but probably, primarily to promote events, businesses, books, and such that…Read more

$10 a day $1,000,000

$10 a Day to $1,000,000 is the name of the new book I have been working on, and should be published sometime in Spring, 2012.   It is geared towards young people to encourage them to start saving for their retirement…Read more

Nikkei to Nippon Tsumani Relief Effort Pledge

When I first thought of this, I thought it was self serving, and it is because I'd like to increase sales of Sword of the Undead, and it's roughly 10% of my royalties, and I donated back in March, but…Read more

Earthquake and tsunami in Japan

The photos and videos coming out of Japan are sad and terrifying. We in California keep talking about the big one, and today the local news reported that even the San Andreas fault isn't capable of generating an earthquake as…Read more

Touched By an Angel

While waiting for the bus yesterday, a homeless man walked up to me, smiled, laughed, some gibberish came out of his mouth, and he patted me on the shoulder. I smiled back, laughed and nodded my head. He laughed some…Read more

Secret Passages Bookstore in Long Beach, CA

Secret Passages is a new independent bookstore in the East Village Arts district of Long Beach, CA that specializes in horror/sci-fi/fantasy/anime.

If you are looking for a huge mega-store with everything under the sun, you won't get it here.…Read more

Lunch with Fellow Writers

In February of this year, I spoke to a writing class, and today, I was invited to their reunion.  The attendees all shared their experiences since they last got together.  It was great to hear other writers on their progress…Read more