Q Fever - Another Scary Mystery illness

In 2012, I came down with viral meningitis.  Viral meningitis isn't supposed to be as bad as meningitis caused by other agents, but I ended up in ICU with kidney and lungs shutting down, and causing me to fall into…Read more

Jan Zari, the LA Marathon and the City of Hope

"Because sometimes it's nice to do things for other people." wrote Jan when he announced that he would be participating in the 2015 Los Angeles Marathon, as a relay runner and raising money for the City of Hope.

Disclosure: I…Read more

My name is pronounced close enough

Here is a video of Toe Up to 10 announcing it as a nominee for a Global Ebook award.

The second syllable in my last name is pronounced the same as the "jii" in Mount Fujii. However, this is the…Read more

Alternate dimensions and alternate universes

Recently, I came across an article on a theory which stated that there are alternate universes and they all interact which each other, and that because some actions were different at some point, things turned out differently.

I think the…Read more

Back to Tony Robbins

Over the weekend I decided to put in a cassette tape of one of Anthony Robbins programs which 1/2 the session consists of his topic and half consists of an interview he conducts with a self-help type of person.  I'm…Read more