Martin Pistorius - Ghost Boy

This is an incredible story, and one I wish to never experience.  Locked eye syndrome is awlful.  It is mostly associated with people who are in the later stages of ALS, but can really happen to anybody.

When he was…Read more

Colton Beasley - Musician

Colton Beasley was a college student and musician who contracted viral meningitis.  I often refer to viral meningitis as the step-child of meningitis because I think the dangers from this are overlooked more so than from other types of meningitis…Read more

Curing the Cause, not Masking the Symptom

I can't help think but think about this, but sometimes I think it was my allergy medication that was indirectly responsible for the meningitis that led to my spinal cord injury.

About a month before I got sick, I had…Read more

Tumeric Milk - My magic bullet for sinus issues

For years, I have battled a nasty chronic sinus condition. Surgery was not an option since it was caused by allergies.  Finally, about three years ago, I found relief in Allegra, but the effectiveness eventually wore off.  Then I found…Read more

My 2015 Writing Projects

After devoting a lot of time to recovering from my spinal cord injury for the last 2 1/2 years, I am hoping to get back into fiction writing.

So, I am hoping this is the year I publish both the…Read more

Will this be the year I run a 10K?

It was early 2013, about 7 months after I had injured my spinal cord, that I decided to run a race as a symbol of my recovery.  Ultimately, I decided the length would be 10K.  However, at that time, I…Read more

Sony in a No Win Situation

The other day, Sony Pictures America decided to pull the movie, The Interview, completely.  No theatrical release, no dvd release, etc. etc.

Sony is getting a lot of flack for this decision.  "Cowardice" is a word I have come across…Read more

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I'm going to probably take the rest of the year off on blogging, but I'll still be tweeting.  My tweets aren't subject specific all the time, so it's a little more "well-rounded."

If interested, follow me on twitter. My handle…Read more