Proper way to poop

Continuing with the digestion theme, I found a post yesterday that dealt with the proper way to evacuate.

One of the issues spinal cord injury patients deal with is that of evacuation.  Many of us need to use suppositories and…Read more

My SCI Not in Vain

A while ago, I wrote out some thoughts stating that I feel my spinal cord injury has not been in vain.  I ended up expanding on that thought, and the result ended up being a guest post on some blogs…Read more

Video of me

It's rare to get me on video with audio, but here I am responding to a man on the street question posed by the Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles in 3 words

Recovery vs. Improvement

I participate in spinal cord injury forums - and I think forums are a fantastic resource for any subject - you get to share your experiences and ideas with others, so people wouldn't have to reach goals/face obstacles themselves.

Recently…Read more

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Thanksgiving, in the United States, we are taught, commemorates a harsh winter in the New England colony, when the colonists food ran out and the Native American tribes shared theirs, saving the colony from starvation.

Today, it is a day…Read more

Is Thinking Positive Enough?

I was reading a critique about Tony Robbins, in which the reviewer stated that one of the flaws of all the self-help gurus out there is they promote an idea that positive thinking will overcome obstacles.

Those who know me…Read more

Customer Reviews on Amazon UK

I meant to do this post a couple of weeks ago, but had trouble posting due to the computer I was using at that time.

This morning, I woke up to find I had a second customer review on Amazon…Read more