Spinal Cord Injury: A real Horror

I like to write about vampires and zombies, and old-school werewolves and monsters are among the types of movies I watch.

But in 2012, I suffered an injury to the spinal cord.  Medical conditions are real horrors because they can…Read more

Plans haven't changed

Now that my book on Spinal Cord recovery, Toe Up to 10K will be released soon - September 5 is the tentative release date for the eBook.

As far as the creative writing, I should be able to focus back…Read more

Another change of plans for the narrator

I have been struggling to complete the sequel to Sword of the Undead for the last few years, and of course, in 2012, I was hit with a spinal cord injury, which left me temporarily a paraplegic, and although much…Read more

Ron Sakamoto has a sex change

I found an old attempt of this sequel, where the detective's name is Sandra Sakamoto.  I think I'll keep her.  Then maybe add the history of her being a descendent of Abraham Van Helsing.  I was going to add Kaze…Read more

A New Course

I guess it's because he's a new character, but I like the character Kaze no Katsumi, I created for the short story, Zombie Brawl.  Ever since I started thinking about the sequel, which was when I was still writing…Read more

OT - Zombies

I just completed a draft of my zombie short story, so I will be concentrating on that for a few days.  Unfortunately, the Kageura story is the casualty since it is the story i am experiencing a block on. 

At…Read more

Writer's Block Continues

This is the worst about being a writer - working through blocks.  Fortunately, it is not an all-around block, just with this story.  I am currently productive with my book on my recovery with spinal cord injury, Toe Up toRead more

Author's Entry: Still having writer's block

Even with the interview with Jubei, I am still having writer's block.  This is one of the reasons I started this blog for my sake.  I knew there would be times when i just wouldn't know how to proceed, but…Read more