Kageura Entry: Taira Clan Treasure

The reason I chose the United States to move to was not because I could not live as a  vampire in non-Tokugawa Japan, but because the divine Yamato sword, most likely is buried somewhere in the current Los Angeles.  It is said that whoever wields the sword weilds great power. 

When the Taira clan lost the Genpai War, it was rumored that a small faction of the clan stayed behind in Japan, and retrieved the Yamato sword and brought it to China, where the few survivors of the Taira clan fled to.  As the family integrated into Chines culture, the sword was lost and probably at that time, integrated into Chinese treasures.

The story continues that the sword was part of a treasure brought aboard one of the ships in the Chinese expedition around the world, which in 1421, reached the shores of North America.  The ship containing the sword was severely damaged during a storm, and sunk near the coast. but not before some of the treasure was saved and brought to shore.  No one knows what happened tot he treasure after that.

I am sure the sword is still with the other treasures, and will go on a quest to find it. Then I will use its powers.

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