Author's Post: Interview with Jubei

Author:  Are you happy with your role so far in this story?

Jubei:  To tell you the truth, No. I am not happy.  I broke Sakamoto out of prison, but other than showing up at crime scenes, I haven't had…Read more

Ron Sakamot entry: I was arrested

I was arrested for killing my girlfriend, but I didn't even get a chance to call it in.  She burned and vanished, leaving no trace - yet within minutes, uniformed officers showed up and arrested me.  I admited i killed…Read more

Ron Sakamoto Entry: I Killed Maria

I had to do it.  I'm not crazy.

I hadn't seen her for a few days, but she was waiting for me at my home.  She looked different.  Void of humanity.  She tried to seduce me, and bared her fangs…Read more

Jubei's Entry: On Kageura

Kageura is difficult to analyze. While alive, he was an honorable man, yet he was a lord. By nature, warlords are ambitious, but he and his clan were not overly so. 

His thirst for power came as he felt betrayed…Read more

Kageura Entry: Taira Clan Treasure

The reason I chose the United States to move to was not because I could not live as a  vampire in non-Tokugawa Japan, but because the divine Yamato sword, most likely is buried somewhere in the current Los Angeles.  It…Read more

Author's Entry: Candy is bit, part II

Candy walked faster.  The car slowly followed her, narrowed the gap.  The water swished underneath the car's tires, and pittypatted under her boots.  Candy increased he pace.  The car did the same.  Candy started to get angry.  It was the…Read more

Author's Entry: Candy is Bit

Fortunately, that was Candy's last dance. Unfortunately, it was also Candy's last dance.  At 1:30 A.M., the clubs doors would be shut and locked in a half hour.  She sat in front of her dresser and sighed.  "Why did I…Read more

Author entry: Possible opening for the actual book

Aspiring dancers move to New York, aspiring actresses move to Los Angeles.  Candy Cain moved to the latter, yet worked as the former.  Many people would refer her type of dance as an illegitimate form of dance.  At this point…Read more

Ron Sakamoto Entry: ???

I had the scanner on on my way home.  A robbery had just taken place nearby and I swung over to see if I could catch the culprit.  But the patrol men were already there.  I got out and talked…Read more

Ron Sakamoto Entry: Ran into Jubei

I ran into the mysterious samurai today.  Or, rather he probably arranged it so that I'd run into him.  All the supernatural possibilities are overloading me: vampires, immortal beings.

"You are the famous Yagyu Jubei aren't you?" I asked, directly…Read more

Maria Ramos Entry: A New Life

I was walking along the street when a man came up to me.

"Ms. Ramos?"


"Excuse me, but I remember you from the party. I also read your bylines.  There's not just one.  There is a whole nest of…Read more