Saving For Retirement

An old co-worker told me yesterday that I was the one who got her thinking about contributing to our employer sponsored plan at work.

It made me feel good because I believe I have made her options a little easier.

When you contribute to your employer plan, by the time you retire, you should have a sizeable chunk in addition to any retirement plan/social security payments you will get.

There are several great thing about an employer sponsored plan:

  • The contributions are taken out of the paycheck before you see it
  • Depending whether you have a traditional plan or a roth plan, the money is tax-delayed (meaning you won't pay taxes on it until you withdraw the money), or tax-free when you withdraw
  • They are portable - if you separate from your current employer, you can keep it with them, transfer it to your retirement account with your new employer, or transfer it into a bank IRA, or even cash out (not recommended)
  • Many times, employers offer matching 
Many employers these days automatically enroll new employees into the employee sponsored plan.  That's good, but many times, it is the minimum amount, and a fund of their choosing.  Take control.

  • If not enrolled already, enroll now.
  • Try to contribute at least enough to maximum the matching
  • Educate yourself on the offerings, and select the best one for you

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