In June 2012, I came down with viral meningitis, and was admitted into the hospital.  Recovering nicely, four days later, I was scheduled to be discharged when I took a turn for the worse.  In effect, my body started shutting down, and I became partially conscious.  When I regained full consciousness, I was paralyzed from the chest down.  

Doctors did not guarantee I would walk again, but within a year, I was walking with the aid of only a cane.

I started writing a book about my recovery in 2013, and completed it in 2014.  The book was released September 2014.  It has reached bestseller status in the subcategory, spinal cord injury books, and was the Gold Medal winner in the 2015 Readers' Favorite Book Awards in the category, non-fiction inspirational. 

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Here are some inspiring videos, mostly from YouTube, but if it's inspirational, I'll share from any site that will allow me to share.  I'll try to change one of the two videos each week, but no set schedule.
During the course of my recovery and rehabilitation, I found inspiration in many things, among them, books and music.  It was difficult at times for me to find and purchase these items, as when I was in the hospital, I couldn't do it myself, and sometimes it was difficult to communicate the exact item I wanted.  So below, I've placed Amazon links to items I used to motivate myself.
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And covers for when they wear out Ez2care Rubber Cane Tip, Fit 3/4 Inch Shaft, Black Personally, I feel that serrapeptase has benefited me. Please do further research as this is a supplement.