My 2015 Writing Projects

After devoting a lot of time to recovering from my spinal cord injury for the last 2 1/2 years, I am hoping to get back into fiction writing.

So, I am hoping this is the year I publish both the prequel and sequel to my first book, Sword of the Undead.  My plan is to publish a three-in-one book, call it Samurai Vampire: The Trilogy.  It will be 3 novella length stories. Book 1 will result in the first meeting between Yagyu Jubei and Lord Kageura. Book 2 will be Sword of the Undead, and Book 3 will be the modern day meeting between the 2 samurai.

My second fiction book I am hoping to write, but probably won't be finished this year, is a fictional account of my recovery from spinal cord injury.  In my non-fiction book, Toe Up to 10K, I leave a lot of emotions out, and that book is really more of a "this is what happens when your spinal cord gets injured, and this is what I did to help my body overcome as much as it could."  The book is a personal perspective, but I didn't devote any real time to inter-personal relationships.

A third book that I would like to complete this year, but may or may not be published is a sequel to Toe Up to 10K.   I think this is the year that my body will be strong enough to run a 10K.   Since I am injured at the T4 level, I am prone to an uncommon, but serious and potentially fatal condition when the body is physically overstressed, called AD (can't remember what it stands for).  I need to be aware of that.  That said, the sequel will cover my improvements since Fall, 2014 to present, and my journey and entry into a 5K or 10K race,

So, Happy New Year and Happy reading in 2015, everybody!

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