Sweet Gesture by San Diego Padres Baseball Team

Not a Padres fan per se, but love the city of San Diego, love Petco Park, think Bud Black is a great manager, and I think they have a great team this year.

But what is better than reading about what I think about San Diego and its baseball team?  What the team has done for a player they drafted 22 years ago.  A pitcher by the name of Matt LaChappa.

19 years ago, LaChappa, at the age of 20, and a pitcher at the A level, suffered a heart attack.  He uses a wheelchair, and now, age 39, has signed a minor league contract with the Padres for the 20th straight season.  The contract gives him access to health insurance.

Click on the link for the story on CBSsports.com.

Matt LaChappa, pitcher

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