Pennant Race Prediction - Dodgers Trade Puig?

The Dodgers called up another outfielder from the minors.  But the Dodgers have plenty of outfielders already, albeit, injured.  But still, they have plenty of players who can fill in until those players (namely Joc Pederson) come back.

Although there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel with the starting rotation, which will help with the currently overworked bullpen, you can never have too much pitching.

With the trading deadline coming up and the pennant races heating up, teams are already starting to make their moves. Seems earlier this year, but maybe it seems like this every year.

The Dodgers do have a surplus in outfielders, and rumors that Yasiel Puig has been on the trading block are nothing new.  But I think if this were to become a reality, now would be the time.  Dodgers feel a need for another left handed hitter to fill the void left by Pederson (and Ethier). They also (along with about 30 other teams), feel a need for more pitching.  With the current situation, I think Puig becomes the odd man out.

Sure, the Dodgers won't get the talent level in return.  But the Dodgers have enough surplus outfield talent to give up more than they would receive in return in areas where they need help.

I was trying to figure out where Puig could be traded to, and it's difficult to say. I can't figure out a win win team for Puig trade.  Although the Yankees also seem to be in the market for pitching rather than hitting, I think they might part with Eovaldi, who recently seems to have lost his spot in the starting rotation.

The Yankees have a quality outfield, but they are aging, and Puig will be not only an immediate help, but also in upcoming seasons in case one of the current outfielders decides to separate from the team. Puig has been struggling a bit over the last two years, but flashes of his potential keep popping up, and a new environment might do him good.

Similarly, a change of environment might also do Eovaldi good. It will be his second stint with the Dodgers, and with all the injuries, I'm pretty sure he will get plenty of opportunities to pitch.

Other than that, I really can't think of a team the Dodgers would target. The Cardinals? They have a great offense already, and I can't see them trading away any of their "youngsters."

So, I'm just putting this out there. No one has yet predicted where Puig will go, if he does get traded. I just thought I'd test my predictive abilities.

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