Infection gone, improvement in legs

Update to my last post.  My infection seems to be gone, and I am feeling much more normal. My legs are a lot stronger, but not quite pre-infection strength.

Both my thoughts about my legs appear to have come true - that is 1.  that my leg strength would improve as I recovered from the infection, and 2. that my legs would not experience a spontaneous recovery.

That said, my legs have improved more rapidly than I thought. I probably no longer need a cane when I go out, but for now, that'll be a case by case basis.

When I first started experiencing this setback, I was angry and scared, I kept imagining life again using a wheelchair. The strange thing is,  "scared" isn't the right word because the thought of using a wheelchair again didn't feel so traumatic - I guess because I had gone through it before - I think it was more losing the recovery progress I had made over the past 5 years.

So, hopefully, I will continue improving again, even if slowly.

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