Ron Sakamoto Entry: Ran into Jubei

I ran into the mysterious samurai today.  Or, rather he probably arranged it so that I'd run into him.  All the supernatural possibilities are overloading me: vampires, immortal beings.

"You are the famous Yagyu Jubei aren't you?" I asked, directly.

"My name is Yagyu Jubei, yes, but famous, I do not know."

"Of course you are.  You've been portrayed in countless movies."

"Those are all fiction."

"If you are 400 years old - this reality is more unbelievable than anything I've seen of you in movies."

"You've found your family records."


"Then you know about Kageura?"

"Kind of.  I didn't find the complete journal. Just bits, and I had to piece it together.  I would still like to hear it from a primary source."

Jubei proceeded to tell me the whole story, of course some of it was heresay, for there were periods where he was not involved in the tale.

This is getting stranger by the minute.  All my vampire knowledge came from the movies, and now Jubei tells me that this vampire cannot be staked, but must have his stomach slit and beheaded, like a ritual hara-kiri.

He asked me about Maria. I said that I had not seen her for a few days.  He said he had a strange feeling about her, but cannot pinpoint it, and perhaps i should she that she is all right.

I asked him how I can contact him, and he said, that he will know.  Whatever that means. 

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