Tumeric Milk - My magic bullet for sinus issues

For years, I have battled a nasty chronic sinus condition. Surgery was not an option since it was caused by allergies.  Finally, about three years ago, I found relief in Allegra, but the effectiveness eventually wore off.  Then I found Zyrtec to work pretty well, but it was two months agfter that when I came down with meningitis.  For a year after that, my sinus problem was pretty manageable.

However, in November, 2013,my sinus condition came back worse than ever. I thought since it had been a couple of years since I had taken Allegra, it would help, but it brought very little relief. All Spring I had suffered, but in April, 2014, I started taking a supplement called serrapeptase, which is an enzyme thought to reduce inflammation, and also dissolve scar tissue.

This enzyme worked just as well as the allergy medication, enough so that I was able to stop taking allergy medication, but it really didn't solve my issue with the sinus.

I started taking serrapeptase on and off around September 2014, and in November 2014, again, the sinus issue got really bad, but not as bad as it did in 2013.  I started taking serrapeptase regularly again, but wanted better relief.  (As an aside, coincidentally or not, the pain and stiffness around my kneecap has gotten much better since I started taking the serrapeptase, which is a reason I continue to take it).

So, in late December, I learned about tumeric milk - which is adding  1/2 to 1 teaspoon of tumeric powder to milk and drinking it warm/hot.

For me, this has done the trick. Although my sinus issue hasn't completely gone away, it is 500x better than before.  I haven't felt this clear in years.  I still haven't regained my sense of smell, but I am hoping that will return also.

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