A Rubio/Cruz ticket for GOP 2016?

Last weekend, I made several predictions about how the 2016 presidential campaign will play out.  I was waaaay wrong about Jeb Bush, which was my out of the world prediction - that he would be the GOP nominee.  But I do think he dropped out too soon. He should have waited until Super Tuesday because the field is still crowded enough and enough delegates are still up for grabs for him to make an impact while not hurting Rubio enough. Despite their "feud," Rubio, I believe would be his answer to the question, "If you couldn't be the nominee, who would you like to see as the nominee?"

Okay, one of my predictions is that Ted Cruz would the kingmaker at a brokered GOP convention.  I think this is more realistic now, and I think what will happen is that the GOP insiders will play "campaign games" to see what combination will have the best chance of winning the election. 

I think no matter who the GOP nominee is, he will win the rural vote.  However, between Trump/Cruz/Rubio, I believe Rubio will be the best choice to challenge the Democrats in the urban areas.  I think Trump refuses to budge, and Cruz, despite all his fights with the GOP establishment, backs down and asks his delegates to support Rubio on a subsequent ballot. 

So, here is my edit to one of the predictions I made last week.  Rubio will be the GOP nominee

As a reward, Cruz is asked what he wants.  I'm not sure if he would want this, but if he wanted to be the VP candidate, I'm pretty sure it would be his for the asking.  

A Rubio/Cruz ticket would probably the most volatile since Kennedy/Johnson became running mates, but most of the time,  the presidential candidate and vice-presidential candidate are from two different constituencies (philosophically like Reagan/Bush, Geographically like again. Reagan/Bush, or vocationally like Clinton/Gore (Governor and Senator))  And in this case, it would bring marry two factions of the Republican party - and the only question would be how well they could bring in the libertarian faction of the party into the fold.

As I write this, Nevada is deciding on their choice for the Republican nominee and Rubio seems to be getting the bulk of endorsements from the establishment - it was as if the establishment was waiting for either Rubio or Bush to drop out, and now that Bush has suspended his campaign, it was like an invitation for them to endorse Rubio. 

For the Democratic side, it seems what I predicted, that Sanders must decidedly defeat Clinton in several states, is getting more coverage.  Clinton has the Democratic establishment backing her and she may win the Democratic nomination even if she enters the convention with less pledged delegates from the popular voting.

So, super Tuesday is next week. Lets see how far off I am. 

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