I Have an Alter Ego

As well as my recovery has gone for me over the past 15 months, I do get frustrated that I am not 100%, or that I may never reach 100% - although I am confident that I will recover 98 - 99% eventually.

Until that happens though, with hard work and exercise, when I am not active, I need to visualise that I am recovered.  One way is through my writing - the Toe Up to 10K book, which pretty much journals my recovery serves as a "that's were I was, this is where I am,"

The other way is through fiction writing, and I just finished a short story, available exclusively on Amazon Kindle, about a ninja named Kaze no Katsumi, who must save commuters going home from work from zombies who attack their train. Kaze no Katsumi contracted transverse myelitis as a child, and when not in ninja form, walks with a cane.  As the story is in the horror/samurai genre, it is violent, but also humorous and sarcastic.  Please check out Zombie Brawl, or Rants and Raves of a Mass Transit Commuter the Day the Zombies Attacked the Train.

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