paraparesis will always remind me of my connection to SCI issues

Although I have recovered from a spinal cord injury I sustained in 2012, and to a point that those who have not met me, nor had seen me last before I had sustained the injury wouldn't guess that my spinal cord had been compromised, I still have issues - even in my legs.  I still experience spasms and cannot run fast.

But the spasms are less frequent and intense than two years ago, and at least I can run.

Generally, sports are thought about for able bodied people.  But there are adaptive sports like wheelchair basketball.  But how about for people like me?  Those who are in between able bodied and plegic.  I can shoot baskets, but I can't play basketball. I can hit a baseball, but I can't play baseball.

I wondered if there was a word for people who are in this boat; I knew there had to be one. And there is, "paraparesis" which means weakness of the muscles.

Although I am no longer paraplegic, I am paraparetic.  I can move my muscles.  And in absolute strength, that has probably returned as well, but there is something missing in regards to the strength that keeps me from being fully able bodied.

I am extremely grateful that I have recovered this much, but the paraparesis is a constant reminder of my SCI - once an SCI patient, always an SCI patient.

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