Author's Entry: Candy is bit, part II

Candy walked faster.  The car slowly followed her, narrowed the gap.  The water swished underneath the car's tires, and pittypatted under her boots.  Candy increased he pace.  The car did the same.  Candy started to get angry.  It was the same guy who harassed her at the club. If steam was coming out of Candy's ears, the rains would douse it. 

Candy stopped.  The car stopped, then slowly caught up to her. 

"Come On, baby, I want a happy ending," the driver said.

"Listen, I do do that sort of thing.  If you are that desparate, then I suggest another part of town."

"But it's raining, and your here...I'm here now." The driver opened the door to the passenger side.  "Get in, please."


"I'm begging."


"You don't want me to make you, do you?"

"I can beat you up, any night."

"Oh,. yeah?  We'll see about that."  The driver started to open the door. Candy readied herself.  The driver got out, and as he got both feet out the car, he scrambled back in and floored the gas pedal. The passenger side door still open.

Candy was glad, a but shocked. While she knew she could beat him in a physical fight, she didn't think he'd run away like that.

Candy turned around and bumped into a solid form.  "Oh, excuse me," she said instinctively, and looked up.  A pair of long fangs descended upon her.

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