Maria Ramos Entry: A New Life

I was walking along the street when a man came up to me.

"Ms. Ramos?"


"Excuse me, but I remember you from the party. I also read your bylines.  There's not just one.  There is a whole nest of them.  Hundreds of them.  I can take you to see where they live."

"Sorry, mister. I'm busy."  I tried to brush him off, but then he looked at me, stared into my eyes, and I could not resist.

"Please, Ms. Ramos.  I insist."

This man led me into a cave. I cannot remember how I got there.  He told me to look through a crack, and there were hundreds of them, as he said. 

"Welcome." A deep voice said, behind me.  I turned around.  He was tall, and appeared to be dressed in Japanese samurai armour. 

"Won't you join us?" He asked.  Instinctively, I exposed my neck and offered it to him.

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