Jubei's Entry: On Kageura

Kageura is difficult to analyze. While alive, he was an honorable man, yet he was a lord. By nature, warlords are ambitious, but he and his clan were not overly so. 

His thirst for power came as he felt betrayed by the Tokugawas, but also with the transformation to being a vampire.  Even though the Tokugawas were no longer in power when he moved to the United States, he struggled with himself  - much of his struggles are internal, his honorable human self, with the dishonorable vampire self.

In Japan, in recent times, before he moved to the United States, he was pretty much content just existing, but his he has been resurrected now, in modern times, I can feel his ambitious spirit in the air.  Maybe I am wrong, but I think I am right.

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