Jubei Yagyu Entry: Breaking Ron Sakamoto out of Jail

The detective, Ron Sakamoto was arrested for killing his girlfriend and was arrested.  He was placed in a holding cell and awaiting his bail hearing.

It was a set up by the vampires.  I had to rescue him - but I had to do it without seriously hurting any of the policemen.

The only way to do it was to use a wooden sword, and to barge in. 

Fortunately, I have developed some supernatural strength since being afflicted witht his curse, as well as some stealth abilities.

I snuck into the jail and let the air direct me to Sakamoto's cell. When I got to it, he was in a cell with a dozen other people.  Was there a way to get him out without the others escaping also?  I made myself invisible to all except Sakamoto, then asked him to come to the cell door.  I opened the lock using some magic, and the door opened. Sakamoto slowly slid out.  Soon, the guards and the prisoners knew he was outside the cell.  Here is where we made a run for it.

As the prisoners jeered and cheered, the guards came running.  Carrying Sakamoto on my side, I ran through the guards knowcking them over with my arm, or hitting them on the side with my kendo stick, until we were outside - then I took to the air.

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