Ron Sakamoto Entry: I Killed Maria

I had to do it.  I'm not crazy.

I hadn't seen her for a few days, but she was waiting for me at my home.  She looked different.  Void of humanity.  She tried to seduce me, and bared her fangs.  My words came out naturally, "Are you a vampire?"

"Yes," she answered.

She wanted me to join her.  She came closer.  It didn't matter what I thought, she was determined to bite into me, and feast off my blood.  I pushed her away.  Angered, she came at me.  But, somehow, Abraham Van Helsing's crucifix flew out of a drawer.  I didn't know it was there. 

Maria backed off, but her features indicated that the human was no longer there.  The physical appearance was just a shell for the creature.  She came at me again.  I grabbed a ceremonial sword i had on the wall for decoration, and instinctively, sliced off her head.

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