24 Hour urine collection

Back in May, I developed kidney stones, so my doctor ordered a 24 hour urine sample to find out what type of stones are forming, since I couldn't capture any when I was experiencing the stones passing.

It brought back memories of catheterizing, but without the pain and hassle.

Kidney stones can come from different sources, such as calcium.  I'm pretty sure my stones are from calcium.  To deal with my bowel issue, I eat a lot of fiber, now, and most of is through eating shredded wheat for breakfast - and with that, a lot of milk.

Also, around the time I developed the stones, I was taking 3x more vitamin D2 tablets than I normally do.  This was because I was experiencing multiple boils in multiple parts of the body, and thought the vitamin D would help me heal faster.  I don't think the stones came from excess vitamin D2, but I still don't plan on taking vitamin D2 after this current bottle runs out.  I am walking better and am planning for even longer walks, so I will be out in the sun a little bit more than I have been, lately.

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