Q Fever - Another Scary Mystery illness

In 2012, I came down with viral meningitis.  Viral meningitis isn't supposed to be as bad as meningitis caused by other agents, but I ended up in ICU with kidney and lungs shutting down, and causing me to fall into a semi-conscious state. When I regained full consciousness (among other things), I found that I could not talk, breathe independently, nor move my legs.

I suffered damage to the spinal cord at the T4 level, and was told I may not walk again.  Fortunately, that prediction did not come true, but I still have issues related to walking, and other issues which go with spinal cord injury.

Doctors were never able to positively determine the cause of the spinal cord damage, but I'm sure it is at least indirectly related to the virus that caused the meningitis.

There are many agents out there, and sometimes it takes years to figure out what caused the illness.

Here is story, about a basketball coach who was diagnosed with Q Fever, something that can be transmitted just by breathing the air around a birthing cow. How scary is that?

This story is from FoxNews.com

Basketball Coach's Mysterious Illness is Q Fever

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