A Different Body

People will come up and ask me if I'm back to normal and I don't think I'll ever be back to normal.  Normal, Yes. But not Back To Normal.

What I mean is that although my body has recovered significantly, and I can walk just as fast as I did before (I still can't run satisfactorily), it's not the same as before I suffered the damage to the spinal cord.

It's sort of like, let's say I had a 1999 Camaro for a body.  As I recovered, the new body wasn't a 2014 Camaro, not a 1999 Camaro, not even a Camaro.  It's like I traded my body in for a used car of a different model than the one I had before.

I don't have the same body as before the injury, and I've had to get to know and read my body again.

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