When I was in high school and college, and even into my thirties, I had periods which I recited affirmations on a daily basis.  They wouldn't always be the same, but one I became reacquainted with recently is an old stand-by.  I remember first coming across it in a self-hypnosis tape I listened to so much that the ribbon finally broke years ago.  But this particular affirmation, whom I don't know is the original author, I've come across this same affirmation from different sources on the internet recently.

It goes like this:  "Everyday in every way, I am better and better."  

Recently, I have started repeated this affirmation several times upon I waking up and before I go to sleep.  Of course, sometimes I forget, but I try to remember each day.

I don't know how how long this will last, but for now, it makes me feel good, and motivates me.  

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