Almost Fell for an email scam

Recently, I received an email from a stranger asking to buy my books.

I personally don't sell my books. Potential buyers would have to buy them retail from a retailer, or wholesale from a distributor.

I had composed a reply when I decided to do a search on the sender.  Other people who received the same email sent by people of various names indicated this is an email used by confidence tricksters.

This isn't one of those you won the lottery, or a long lost relative has died and left you money.  This actually seems like a legitimate inquiry to purchase something you are selling.

Was this a scam?  I don't know, but I'm not about to find out.

Here is the body of the email that is now deleted from my in-box.

Lesson learned: Be aware of unsolicited emails from strangers.

Dear Sales,

I write to inform you that we are interested in your books, and we
would like to inquire about the following:

Do you ship to Fiji Island?
Do you do Mail Order?
Do you accept credit card as for Payment (My US Master and Visa card
to be precise)? NOT PAYPAL


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