Alternate dimensions and alternate universes

Recently, I came across an article on a theory which stated that there are alternate universes and they all interact which each other, and that because some actions were different at some point, things turned out differently.

I think the article stated that such theories have been around since the 1950's.

I first came across this in the comic book world. - DC comics having re-did all their Golden Age heroes into the Silver Age, decided to have them enter each other's universe. In the DC Universe, this became known as Earth-1 and Earth-2.  Although stories almost always revolved around the interaction between Earth-1 and Earth-2, there was Earth-3, Earth-4, and so on, and actually an infinite number of Earths, out of which came a mini-series, "Crisis on Infinite Earths."

In some of these worlds, the same person would be the same hero - Clark Kent was Superman for both Earths, but Jay Garrick is the Flash in Earth-1, while Barry Allen is Flash in Earth-2.  Everything was a little bit different.

Although I don't (didn't) watch these show, I think Dr. Who and the 90's tv show Sliders, also are plays on the alternate universe theory.

I can't remember where I read this, and I think the subject was dimensions, but I have come to apply it as the way I understand universes and dimensions: Within a dimension, there are an infinite number of universes.  Visually, a dimension is like  a hotel.  Each room in a hotel is a separate universe. The rooms don't interact with other, but sometimes they do - maybe the door might be open between connecting rooms; maybe the guests in one room visit guests in another room.  So, they are separate, but there is a chance that a visitor from one universe may enter another universe - like Earth-1 and Earth-2.

If each hotel room is a separate universe within a dimension, then each dimension is a separate hotel.  And separate hotels would have different rules.  It would be a little bit harder for interactions to take place - after all, guests in one hotel would rarely walk into another hotel (except in Las Vegas, and other gambling jurisdictions - but that would be the casino, restaurants, etc - not the hotel part). But sometimes one party might decide to stay in different hotels, thus visit each other.  This is kind of the way I see the supernatural - and actually, the show, Twilight Zone played on this thought. On that show, it was the dimension of imagination and shadows.

But what if ghosts, angels and demons were entities from another dimension that found their way into our dimension, and within a certain space in our dimension, use the rules of their own dimension.  I think I read this in the same place, but the author's point was that someone from a 2-D world could never comprehend a 3-D world, just like we couldn't comprehend a 4-D world.  I'll just add to this and offer, what if we entered a 2-D world and were able to use the rules of the 3-D world.  We might be seen as demons or Angels in their dimension.  

As I wrote this, I was trying to figure out what book my ideas came from (how accurately or well I understood those concepts in that book are another story).  But I found the book, it is titled, Warped Passages, by Lisa Randall, who is a renowned physicist.

Interesting stuff, especially for writers.

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