Another Walking Milestone

Yesterday, I was able to walk 5 miles round trip without a cane.  The 2.5 miles going away from my home, I took a liesurely walk, and stopped many times.  However, when I reached my desired destination, I looked at the time, and decided to walk back the 2.5 miles without resting.  I was able to walk this distance in 1 hour 15 minutes. As a point of reference, when healthy, I was able to cover the same distance in 45 minutes.

With 18 blocks to go, I must have looked like I had a bit too much alcohol to drink, becuase my gets got kind of weak, and I started wobbling.  With 8 blocks to go, my legs got really weak, and I thought about resting, or pulling out my cane, which I had in my backpack for an emergency - or risk a fall. 

I decided to risk a fall - but luckily, my legs held out and I made it home without falling.

I am quite happy with my leg recovery - if only my bladder and bowel would recover just as much.

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