Change the World - J-Pop song

It's really more of a love song, and the opening theme to the anime, Inuyasha, which is really aimed at the teen-aged girl audience, but it's got a lot of fighting and action to capture boys' attention as well.

Anyway, the song, sung by boy band (whose oldest members are now 40 years old), V-6, when they were in their teens and twenties inspires me - and I hope the book I am currently writing about my recovery from spinal cord injury, as well as the financial planning book, $10 a Day Towards $1,000,000 will inspire people to act positively one reader at a time.  As long as I'm engaging in shameless self-promotion, check out my vampire novella, Sword of the Undead

Change the World, with Japanese and English lyrics, by the band, V-6.

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