Finding Inspiration: Family and people around you

Family, friends, and people around you physically are a great source of inspiration.  They are your support, and I found that when people are supporting you, you don't want to let them down.  They are your fans.

As I wrote the last sentence, I realize we see a lot of that in sports.  I 'll use baseball as an example.  If the home team is down in the 9th inning, and the first batter gets on base, and the crowd starts making noise, the batter does not want to let the fans down, and also gets a base hit.  And the momentum continues.

When I was in the hospital, my parents came to visit every day; and at least one friend or co-worker would visit me everyday.  Seeing them everyday really helped cheer me up.  You kind of feel bad that they have to come and visit you - but they would feel bad if they couldn't visit you.  So, you want to try hard for them.

The hospital workers, especially if, like me, you were in the hospital an extended period of time, you get to know, and they will cheer you on, encourage you and support you.  This  is inspiring because, although ultimately you are trying to get better for yourself, you also don't want to let other people down.

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