Finding Inspiration: Film

Movies are another source of inspiration for me, and the movie doesn't have to be an overcome all odds type to be inspirational, but it helps.

There were two that came into my mind a lot while I recovered.

Both of these movies are mentioned in my book, Toe Up to 10K

One was a little known James Cagney film titled, City For Conquest.  It is based on a novel, but the movie focuses on the character played by James Cagney.  In it, he plays a truck driver, but goes into professional boxing to "win" his girlfriend back from a career of ballroom dancing.  In the title fight, he is blinded by his opponent who uses a dirty tactic. The character does not turn bitter.  He accepts his situation for what it is,makes the best of it, and is always optimistic about his future.  Cagney is known for playing "tough guys," whether being a "gangster" or a "smart aleck," but in a way, this was probably the toughest character he played.

Another wasn't exactly  a movie, but a Japanese mini-series that lasted 12 episodes.  This series was called Rookies, and it was based on a Japanese manga by Masanori Morita, about a group of delinquent kids, who are good in the inside, but really enjoy playing baseball. Their dream is  to play in the All-Japan high school baseball championship.  And just like these kids had a dream to play in the championship, I had a dream to walk again.  Their teacher and coach, constantly encouraged them and motivated them, and I imagined that he was talking to me as well.

Although I didn't utilize the film Rudy, with Sean Astin, it is another one of my favorite inspirational films.  There are lots of movies out there that are inspirational.  Find a couple that reach you in the right spot and use that as a vehicle as part of your recovery.

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