Finding Inspiration: Music

When I transferred from the ICU to the Cardiac Care Unit, it was when I started thinking about "how am I going to walk again?"  One of the first things that popped into my mind was Josh Groban's rendition of "You Lift Me Up."  I'm not religious, but this song keep replaying in my mind, and I sort of adopted this as my anthem in the early stages of my recovery.

Later on, when I was pretty mobile, a song called "Carry On," by the band, Fun, became my anthem, mostly because of one line in the song regarding legs, which I will not repeat due to copyright laws.  Technically, the song is not about someone recovering from spinal cord injury, but I adapted it to fit my situation.

Songs are subjective and different people will get different things out of each.  The above two examples are one's I used to help me recover from my spinal cord injury.

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