Finding Inspiration: Social Media

I guess my subconscious already knew this, but Social Media is a fantastic source of pulling inspiration.

Social media is not only a place to post updates on yourself, but it is a place where strangers connect to support and inspire each other.

There are three recent items that come to mind.  All of which I have blogged about.

The first two are combined and deals with a tweet I read a couple of weeks ago. A tweeter I follow, @BruceVH, tweeted about a man in the UK, Steven Webb, @themovingroad.  This triggered a series of events on my part, and made me come to the forefront, the realization that social media sites are not only for update posts on onself, but can be used to send messages of support, inspiration and motivation to strangers.

Here is the original post

More recently, due to a Facebook post by an organization I follow, @LifeAfterSCI, I found a FB page about a young man in the UK who just recently, in July 2014, had suffered spinal cord injury.  His family set up a Facebook page, Tristan's Road to Recovery, which I also blogged about. Here is that post.  And what happens with these types of pages is you get people from all over the world sending support and positive vibes to you.  I wish I had done this while I was in the early stages of recovery, for if it reaches people who find themselves in a similar situation after you do, you can inspire them by showing that obstacles can be overcome.

So, if you need to be inspired, social media is full of inspirational users.

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