Finding Inspiration: Visualization

While in high school, I read the book, The Silva Mind Control Method, by Jose Silva.  The book introduced me to the concept of visualization.  Visualization helped me perform better on tests, and I used visualization alot until I graduated from college.  Then I stopped, until I read Antyhony Robbins, book Unlimited Power. 

I still read and listen to motivational speakers, but I generally do a half-hearted job of the using the techniques, now days, except when I was recovering from spinal cord injury.  But even then, I concentrated on the walking part, and not on other issues. 

When you set a goal, then visualize you acheiving the goal, it is like a premonition, and then your sub-conscious starts working to acheive it.  When you see yourself acheiving your goal, it motivates and inspires you. Give it a try. 

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