Health Seen As a Bell Curve

A lot of times, I try and define my recovery.  Sometimes I say I am 90% recovered,  sometimes I say I have replaced my old body with a different model.

Here's another way I think about all this.

If people's health is looked at as a bell curve, with those on the left being severely unhealthy or disabled, and those on the right being extremely healthy or able-bodied, most of us fall inside the bell portion of the bell curve.

In this respect, my current physical wellness would put me well inside the bell portion.  It's just that before I injured my spinal cord, I would have been on the right side of the bell, and now I am on the left, but I continue to recover, and move towards the right.

So, I can say I have recovered to a level of normality - but it is on the side of the bell curve which most of the occupants need to make some adjustments to deal with some of the issues we experience.

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