How @DelTaco and Chinese Take Out Helped Me Recover from Spinal Cord Injury pt 2.

Part 1 covered how the bean burrito from Del Taco helped me with my bowel recovery.

This part will cover how a local Chinese Take Out restaurant, Wa Wa helped me recover.

Even before I suffered my spinal cord injury, I was a regular customer at Wa Wa. Hands down, it makes my top 5 Chinese food to eat in Long Beach, CA - not just price factored in, but also quality of the food.  I'd stop in after work, or on my way home from the library, or the matinee on weekends.  I think their made to order items are better than many sit down places.  But enough of how much I like the food here - for that, you can read my reviews on Yelp.

Anyway, once the hospital approved me to eat regular food, I asked one of my friends to bring me their Wor Won Ton Soup.  And if it wasn't my favorite soup at that time, it is now.  After a month of being fed intravenously, or pureed foods, that soup hit the spot.

At this time, my bowels weren't working at all, so having this soup served two purposes: 1. It was like having my neighborhood brought to me at my hospital room, and I felt connected to my neighborhood. That was important because I'd end up spending 52 days in the hospital.  2. It tasted really good.

Their Wor Won Ton is full of vegetables, and I know it is fresh because once, before I got sick, I was passing by the place early in the morning and I saw them getting their vegetables delivered.  And vegetables are among the most nutritious foods to consume, and contains a lot of fiber. So, needless to say, in addition to how much I like the taste of this soup, this soup helped with my nutritional and digestive needs.

But Wa Wa helped me most was my walking recovery. When I first moved back into my own place, I made it a goal to be able to walk there. It is located about 10 blocks from where I live.  At first, I could only walk about half that distance, but I worked and worked until one day, I was able to pop in there.  Of course, as a reward to myself I had lunch there.  Fast forward two years later, and now, not only do I walk in there as if I hadn't suffered an injury to my spinal cord, but can also order to-go take out and carry the meal home.

During this entire ordeal, they have been really supportive throughout my recovery, which I appreciate a lot, so they've been  a part of my recovery on several levels.

Here is the link to Part 1

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