Inspirational Person #7: William Easton Riddell

William Easton Riddell was a boy who lived in Scotland over 130 years ago.  In 1882, he was 16 years old and playing soccer, when he hurt his leg.  His parents took him to see doctors, but the leg would not heal.

The parents were told William had cancer.  They did not tell William that until towards the end.

William knew he was terminal, and he did not become bitter, and did his best to keep his loved one's from feeling sorrow regarding his eventual death.

What seems naive, now in the 21st century, and hear it often with warrior culture, such as the samurai, or Spartans is the concept of looking forward to death and dying well.  But this concept is exemplified with William.  His mother wrote an account of these last months of his life.  I'm pretty sure I do not have the same strength as this young man did to face what he faced with the attitude he faced it with.

His story is chronicled in a book, published in 1886, titled, "A Bright Sunset: The Last Days of a Young Scottish Football Player."  I found the book to be touching and a tear-jerker. 

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