Inspirational Story: Zachary Pickett

It's been so long I've numbered an inspirational story that I will officially stop numbering them.

Here is a story I read during a summer,but had forgotten about until now.

For some reason, I was remembering an episode of Get Smart - the KAOS agent was in a wheelchair, so CONTROL was on the lookout for a man in a wheelchair.

When Max sees this, he says to the man, "I thought you couldn't walk."

The KAOS agent replied, "I can't, but I can run."

Just because one cannot walk doesn't mean participation in sports is eliminated from one's life.  We see wheelchair basketball and para-olympics.  However, in almost all these cases, adaptations are made for the participant.  There are very few stories in which someone who lost the ability to walk compete athletically with those who have the ability to walk - without any adaptive gears.

Zachary Pickett is a young man who was a water polo player at his high school.  He injured his spinal cord in a diving accident.

He's inspirational in at least two fronts - 1. He walked at his graduation.  2. He continued to play water polo after his injury.

This specific article appeared on the website Purpose 2 Play, but many media outlets covered his story.

Zachary Pickett's story

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