Is Thinking Positive Enough?

I was reading a critique about Tony Robbins, in which the reviewer stated that one of the flaws of all the self-help gurus out there is they promote an idea that positive thinking will overcome obstacles.

Those who know me know that I am a proponent of positive thinking, and have been a reader, viewer and listener of Tony Robbins for many years.  Whether it is Tony Robbins, or other motivational speakers, this part of the message almost always seems to get misunderstood.

Regardless of how this statement is presented, positive thinking alone does not get you what you want.  And most motivational speakers make this clear.

But this is an important aspect of self-help. Why? Because it is motivational.  It is sort of like the ignition to get started on the road to success. Success is achieved not by thinking, but by action.  However, if you think about a positive outcome, you will more likely act upon your thoughts, and those actions will be more diligent because you will care more about the result.

So, today's post is a shout out to all those motivational speakers out there who motivate us and get us to do things for ourselves instead of just daydreaming.

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