Journaling your Recovery, Pt 4

I'm republishing this because I accidentally posted this early and when I re-posted, blogger seemed to place it at the original posting location.

I wish I had journaled my recovery from the time I was transferred to the Cardio Care Unit.

Even though my hands were shaky and weak, I could have written down a couple of sentences at a time throughout the day to record my thoughts.

I think journaling benefits us in several ways:

1. It records what actually happened at the time it happened (albeit through our own perceptions),

2. It helps us remember what happed.  At times when i was giving myself excuses for not writing/recording.  I remember thinking, "I don't want to rememebr what I am going through, now."  But now that time has elapsed, I wish I did record the stuff and help me remember.  I mean, I will always remember this ordeal, but truthfully, I won't remember all of it, or all the details, the bad and the good.

3. I think it is therapeutic.  To write these things down, especially of how you are feeling at these moments is helpful to your mental health.  It lets you get things off your chest on things you don't want to share with other people - or lay it on other people as much, such as frustration.

4. It really helps when you decide to write a book.  You have stuff that reminds you of things, and also brings back details.  And if you have photos, you can use those in your book.

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