Me, an American Ninja Warrior? Yeah, Right

I had watched Ninja Warrior ever since it started getting aired in the United States about 7 or 8 years ago.  Now, we have American Ninja Warrior due to its popularity in the U.S.  In a nutshell, "Ninja Warrior" is a show where contestants battle a difficult obstacle course, divided into 4 stages, each successive stage more difficult than the previous.

I had never had any intention of being on it, and I still don't.  However, the fitness style of the participants is called "parkour," and it is a type of exercise that uses what is available to strengthen mobility.  Often we see participants running along the tops of walls, and jumping over the body of cars.

For me, one of the last issues I'm dealing with in regaining my ability to walk is balance.  And recently, I worked at this by walking along the edge of a planter.  I'm happy to report that I rarely fell off (even though it is only a few inches off the ground, so no harm anyway).  And I walked back and forth many times.

Me, a ninja warrior? No.  But happy to be able to walk along an edge.

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